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At Vaulten, we believe "Data loss is not an option". Vaulten caters to increasing demand for Safe and reliable data backup by offering the start-of-the-art Internet based online offsite remote backup solution. We aim to provide Automated and Reliable backup solution at a competitive cost to the business communities and individual alike.

We at Vaulten closely follow the market trends which helps us to enhance product development and include features that is relevant to the current market thereby making sure our clients are offered with latest technology. At Vaulten product development and enhancement is a daily mantra. The core strength of Vaulten lies in providing superior technical expertise, latest technology in data backup combined with fanatical support.



Vaulten was started in 2010 by offering the backup solutions to SME's mainly support centers and call centers. In 2012 Vaulten made big move into cloud-based data backup solution and partnered with large OEM's in the country to be only offered as VAS (Value Added Service). Further to that, Vaulten decided to become premium data backup player in the country, hence Vaulten invested heavily into technology and partnered with companies holding IP's in various data backup technologies to only come with state-of-the-art premium data backup service.

Technology is playing a vital role in today's world. Businesses are increasingly relying on technology more than any time in the history, starting from SOHO (Small Owners Home Owners) to large Multi-national organization can't do away without technology for various reasons. Technology enhances the productivity of any organization. Even the individuals are benefitted with the development of latest technology. And technology is poised to grow in only one direction.

Reliance on technology is generating Data and the pace at which data is generated is only growing with time. More than anything Data has become the most precious or valuable part of the Information technology. Today securing Data has become priority. Securing data in terms of privacy, theft, loss due to various reasons that could be virus attack, physical disaster, theft or simple user mistake. It is important safeguard as it can affect the business severely or at times can bring the business to standing halt.


Vaulten Culture

What we stand for

What set us apart

What set us apart...

We strive to provide a wide range of custom security options. We possess extremely flexible technology to cater to the customer's every requirement. We, at Vaulten, work round the clock to secure your tomorrow, today. We aim to be leaders in the world of data security.

Innovations we look for...

We believe that innovation is the ultimate game changer. Backed by technology, empowered by innovation, our young team at Vaulten guarantees data security. We experiment with state-of-the-art technology to stay light years ahead in the data security future.

Innovations we look for
Values that drive us

Values that drive us...

Our 3-fold success mantra is customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction. We live, breathe and perspire data backup. We, at Vaulten, live local and think global.

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