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With Vaulten's Offsite data backup, the clients data (using VaultenBiz or VaultenPro) is encrypted at the clients location on clients device (Server, Desktop, laptop etc); then, the encrypted data is transferred securely over the internet to OBS (i.e. Online Backup Server) located in the datacenters. The data from the datacenter is replicated in Amazon Cloud on real-time basis, hence data is securely stored in multiple locations and designed to provide 99.99% durability and 99.99% availability.

In the event of a disaster, data can be restored via Vaulten interface or the web interface. Alternatively, the backed up data in encrypted format can be copied on to external hard drive and delivered.


Onsite Data backup entails the data is backed up locally within the business premises. The data (using VaultenBiz or VaultenPro) is encrypted and transferred to Backup Servers installed on client's hardware and clients can also choose to replicate the data on their own hardware using the Replication server. In the event of disaster the client retrieves the data from backup server.

The main advantage being quick data retrieval in case of data loss, but the major drawback is in the event of major catastrophic disaster like building fire etc the backed up data may not be in a position to be retrieved.

Vaulten Biz

Vaulten Biz


Using Hybrid data backup, clients could choose to reside the encrypted data (using VaultenBiz or VaultenPro) locally on their hardware using the online backup server and replicate the data in the cloud i.e. (Amazon Web Services) for enhanced data security.

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